Erwan Ledoux


Group for Neural Theory
École Normale Supérieure
29, rue d'Ulm
Paris, 75005, FRANCE


  • Modeling oscillations in the hippocampus
    Paris Area Computational Neuroscience Day "Oscillations and Computation in the brain" , E.N.S. Paris, April 2012
  • Inferring parameters of network connectivity from observed phase shifts between different classes of neurons during distinct oscillatory states in the hippocampus
    Poster session at Society For Neuroscience, San Diego, November 2010
  • When genes trigger agressive behaviour
    Workshop on Neuroethics, Paris Montagne (scientific mediation organization), E.N.S. Paris, October 2010
  • Role of inhibitory interneurons in shaping the response of networks to time-dependent inputs
    Cerebellum Group Meeting, E.N.S. Paris, Mai 2010
  • Dynamics of excitatory-inhibitory networks
    Third Computational Summer School, uOttawa, June 2009
  • Homeostasis in a pyloric network model based on constrained regulation of cellular properties
    Marder Lab Meeting, Brandeis University, September 2005