Erwan Ledoux


Group for Neural Theory
École Normale Supérieure
29, rue d'Ulm
Paris, 75005, FRANCE


Journal Articles

  • Inferring synaptic connectivity of CA1 by computing transfer function
    E. Ledoux and N. Brunel, in preparation
  • Transfer function of network with multiple types of interneurons
    E. Ledoux and N. Brunel, in preparation
  • Dynamics of networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in response to time-dependent inputs
    E. Ledoux and N. Brunel, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2011

  • Other

  • Étude théorique de la dynamique des réseaux de neurones et application aux oscillations physiologiques de l'hippocampe
    E. Ledoux, PhD Thesis, June 2012, under the supervision of Nicolas Brunel
  • Homeostasis in a pyloric network model based on constrained regulation of cellular properties
    E. Ledoux, Figures p.254 in Computational neuroscience in epilepsy, Ivan Soltesz and Kevin Staley, 2008